Tech Tip - How to Change A Tube

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road due to a flat tire? Placing that phone call home or to your closest friend: “Hey…uhhh…I’ve got a flat and can’t make it home. Can you pick me up?”

We’ve all been there, but no longer! We put together this video to help you learn the procedure and some of our recommended techniques for changing your tube. As long as you’ve got the skills and the tools required, a flat will never stop you again. Give it a watch and you’ll be prepared for a flat anytime you’re out on a ride!


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  • Jim says:

    After watching your video I might make two suggestions regarding the fixing of flats. Possibly items you’ve already encountered yourself.
    First tho, I’ve ridden bicycles many many thousands of miles over many many years and during that time I’ve encountered a couple of observations in addition to what your video shows about flats. And, being biased, I think I’ve had more than my share of flats during that time.

    I know it was for illustration for you to have such a big puncture in your video, however, on rare occasion I have found that there is a small risk of a second tube puncture due to the ‘ragged edge’ of a tire hole from a flat. Therefore I carry very small thin self sticking patches and place one over the hole in the tire. That has worked very well.

    Second, I carry two tubes — not into trying to patch a tube on the road — because due to the high amount of trash in our roads here in Northern California, and some of the larger distances traveled — often 40 to 60 mile rides — that a relatively rare few times I’ve had two flats on a trip and used both new tubes.

    Thanks for the video, it reaffirmed pretty much what I currently do to fix flats based on getting my full share of ’em.

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