First Impressions

Upon unboxing the Keo Easy Pedals I first noticed how light they feel in your hand. The body of the pedal is made of a composite material that feels very smooth and extremely lightweight. On top of that, to save additional weight and simplify the pedal, LOOK removed the cleat tensioner from the rear of the pedal. This change allows you to get a very affordable, lightweight pedal. The Look Keo Easy weight is only 136 grams per pedal – 6 grams more than my Shimano Ultegra pedals that cost over twice the price.

The pedals have a sleek, simple design and look pretty sharp with the matte black appearance and the subtle yellow of the Tour de France logo on the outer edge. LOOK’s logo matches the black color and is only featured on the underside of the pedal, so you won’t be seeing it much yourself.


After installing the pedals and cleats I went out for a spin around the neighborhood to get a feel for them. The first thing I noticed was how easy it is to clip in and out of the pedals. I usually ride Shimano SPD-SL pedals and I find that I have to guide the front of the cleat into the pedal in order to clip in. With Look’s Keo Easy it’s as simple as getting the cleat positioned on the top side of the pedal, and just applying downward pressure to snap in. This makes the process of clipping in extremely simple and easy to learn for any rider.

Initially, my feet felt very loose when clipped into the pedals. Almost as if I was sliding around on the pedal like standing on ice. The tension on the cleat is not as high as I am used to riding, and you’re not able to adjust that as a result of removing the cleat tensioner. However, to counter this change the supporting surface of the pedal is a little larger than previous Keo Easy pedals.

I will admit that I had concerns about unintentionally coming unclipped at first, but when I set out the next morning I spent some time focusing on keeping my feet stiff as I rode. After several miles of riding, including getting out of the saddle to do some climbing, I found that I had forgotten about the tension because I never once came close to clipping out on accident.

I continued riding with these pedals for the remainder of the week, commuting to work for several days and getting in some longer weekend rides racking up over 100 miles without experiencing any issues with coming unclipped unintentionally.

Final Thoughts

The LOOK Keo Easy TDF Special Edition pedal is a great choice for a beginner cyclist who doesn’t have much experience riding clipless and has concerns with being able to unclip in time to prevent a fall. The lightweight feel and affordable price also makes these a fit for any cyclist who is looking to ride a lightweight build without having to break the bank. In fact, I think these pedals would also be perfect for a commuter bike where you’re constantly clipping in and out at stoplights or in traffic. The ease-of-use is definitely a major plus for these pedals, only made better by how lightweight they are.

Overall, I would give the Look Keo Easy Tour de France pedals a 4 out of 5 stars. These pedals are an entry level pedal that make an excellent choice for someone looking to get into road cycling with an affordable, lightweight, and easy-to-use clipless pedal.

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