Ah, the late cross season. The time of year where cyclocross racing goes from loose dirt and dusty bike frames, to mud caked components and slip-and-slide like courses. It’s the only time of year where grown adults can be kids again. Where people can shred in and out of corners that leave their faces, kits, and bikes in a beautifully mud-filled mess. The late cross season calls for a change in tires. I know that when the air turns cold and the precipitation comes a plenty, I want a tire that can handle any type of terrain, which is why I choose the Maxxis All Terrane.

The Maxxis All Terrane has everything in one package. Light, grippy, fast, and most importantly, affordable. The All Terrane comes in at 33mm wide and has large, spaced knobs that prove to be extremely corner-confident on any surface. Furthermore, the All Terrane has excellent flat resistance with tubeless capability, and an extremely durable EXO casing. As far as ride quality, the tires are built with 120 TPI to maximize a smooth feel over any stretch of land.

When I first tested the Maxxis All Terrane in race, I was instantly impressed by the versatility. A muddy and slippery downhill is the last place a racer wants to slide out, but with the competition on the line, athletes don’t have a choice but to bomb down as fast as they can to stay in win contention. As I found myself in this exact scenario, there was no choice but to release the brakes and let the wheels loose. To my delight, the Maxxis All Terrane tires not only held grip, but brought me closer to my competitors and carried my momentum better than any cross tire I’d used previously. The wide length between each knob proved undeniably efficient as mud was flung out of the way and out of the tread. What’s most impressive was the increase in speed. On each long and flat section, I found myself clawing closer to the front of the race as the All Terrane sped over grass, roots, and any other imaginable barrier with minimal rolling resistance. As a seasoned cross racer, I’ve tested plenty of mud specific tires, but the Maxxis All Terrane without question takes the crown. Fast, grippy, reliable, and smooth, the Maxxis All Terrane tires are the go-to for the avid off-road rider.


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