The much anticipated new SRAM Eagle transmission is a first-of-its-kind MTB drivetrain, now available. Why should you care? Because it’s buttery smooth shifting, noticeable weight savings, and remarkable strength truly are one-of-a-kind. Not to mention it eliminates all of your least favorite things about derailleurs.

This fully-wireless drivetrain has no need for a derailleur hanger, because it mounts directly to your wheel axle. Yep, you read that right, it mounts to your axle.This revolutionary approach is a remarkable leap forward in drivetrain design. Guess what else you don’t need to worry about? My personal favorite–limit and b-tension screws. Gone.

SRAM paired their Eagle AXS technology with many of the lightest materials available. They took everything into consideration, from crankset to chain for a combination that’s lighter, shifts well under pressure, and requires a hell of a lot less annoying maintenance.

They even attempted building rear derailleurs out of bird down due to its unparalleled weightlessness, but weren’t able to get the tensile strength required. Haha… just kidding. But, where do you think “Eagle” in the name came from? Let’s put it this way, they took all reasonable materials into consideration when assembling this new transmission.

Whether you want to be in podium contention, or beat your friends on a Friday, the SRAM Eagle XXSL series groupset (pictured above) was made with you in mind. This truly is the new gold standard for XC drivetrains. Shifting will never be the same. That is of course, unless they figure out the bird down thing.

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