Choosing the right gift for the cyclist in your life isn’t always the easiest thing to navigate, let us help show you the way! While some cyclists might have meticulous requirements/regiments for their bikes, others may be a little more lax in their bicycle maintenance. These staples can help every rider from the pro rider to the casual rider, and everywhere in-between keep their bikes rolling towards whichever path they choose!

Get your Cyclist Pumped Up this Holiday Season with these Great Options!

Bicycle tire pumps are a very important part of bicycle upkeep as the tire pressures are important for performance and safety of your tires. Most modern pumps will have adapters for both Presta and Schrader Valve for use on any bike. Check out our top choices for pumps at home or on the road.

No Compressor? No Problem!

Lezyne Pressure Overdrive Floor Pump: Black
SKU: TLS-00069

(39 in-stock) as of 11/21
(Valve Compatibility: Presta and Schrader)


The ideal solution for Tubeless Tire set-up without an air compressor and works as a standard floor pump to keep your rider(s) rolling the rest of the time!

Under Pressure to find the Right Pump?

Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive Pump Standard Length: ABS-1 Chuck Silver
SKU: TLS-00448

(50 in-stock) as of 11/21
(Valve Compatibility: Presta and Schrader)


The durable and simple design is perfect for riders needing to keep their air-pressure precise for their rides, as well as those who need to air up the tires after a little time off the bike!

Roadside/Trailside Assistance!

Cannondale Co2 Road Mini Pump
SKU: TLS-01210

(187 in-stock) as of 11/21
(Valve Compatibility: Presta Only)

$38.00 $32.95

This pump is perfect to help get your cyclist back up and running after a flat or adjusting pressure mid ride with its 16g Co2 inflator/mini pump combo!

Chains of Seasons

Drivetrain maintenance is one of the most commonly overlooked and most important things for keeping a bicycle rolling. The right lube can make a world of difference in the bike’s performance and longevity. Here are some options that work for riders of all levels!

Wet Riding Conditions?

Muc-Off Bio Wet Lube: 120ml Bottle
SKU: TLS-4400-529

(14 in-stock) as of 11/22


Wet lube is ideal for riders in wet conditions as it helps protect the chain from corrosion as well as keeping your drivetrain quiet in wet conditions!

Dry and Dusty?

Muc-Off Bio Dry Lube: 120ml Bottle
SKU: TLS4400-527

(50+ in stock at QBP CO) as of 11/22


Dry lube is ideal for those in dry and dusty conditions to prevent dust build up and protect the moving parts that matter inside your chain links!

Winter Warrior?

Muc-Off -50℃ (-58℉) Lube: 50ml Bottle
SKU: TLS-01207

(15 in-stock) as of 11/22


For the rider who doesn’t let the harshest winters stop their riding season!

Is Chain Lube Slowing Your Down?

Muc-Off Ludicrous AF
SKU: TLS-01229

(15 in-stock) as off 11/22


Can the world’s fastest race lube make you the world’s fastest rider? It can’t hurt!

Take a little bit(s) of the Bike Shop with you!

The only thing worse than a mechanical issue on a ride is not having what you need to fix it! Knowing what to bring can be tricky, but that’s where the experts at Lezyne can help! These premade kits and tools are designed to enhance your ride, not hinder it! With sleek options these tool options can fit right in your pocket or securely in a pack!

Saddle Bags

Lezyne Bag Lez Wedge M Caddy Kit Sport
SKU: 910245

(25 in-Stock) as of 11/22


The Lez Wedge is equipped with the necessities as well as space for some spares! It also comes equipped with the Sport Drive HP pump (Presta/Schrader Compatible) to help fix a flat, or pressure up your tires for the tarmac home.

Lezyne M Caddy Seat Bag w/CO²
SKU: ACS-01889

(49 in-stock) as of 11/22


The M Caddy is stocked with just what you need for tire repair and room for spares nicely under the saddle to keep you rolling!


Lezyne V Pro 13 Multi-Tool
SKU: TL4263

(19 in-stock) as of 11/22


The V Pro 13 comes stocked with thirteen preselected tools including storage for a spare chain quick link.

Lezyne RAP II 19 Multi-Tool w/CO² Inflator Head
SKU: TL4260

(7 in-stock) as of 11/22


The RAP II 19 comes with just about every tool you would need including a CO² inflator head and 4 spoke wrenches.

Stay (Toes)ty!

Help your riders keep their feet warm and cozy with these great and easy options!

Endura BaaBaa Merino Winter Sock
(S/M 5.5-9, L/XL 9.5-13)
SKU: PSK-25-Q72, PSK-45-L17, PSK-25-000, PSK-45-973, PSK-45-000, PSK-25-973, PSK-25-L17

$14.99 - $22.50

Merino wool blend to keep your feet warm in all conditions!

POC Thermal Bootie & Thermal Short Bootie
(SML 6-8, MED 9-11, LRG 12-14)
SKU: APL-05323, APL-05324, APL-05325, APL-05326, APL-05327, APL-05328
(SHORT) APL-22051, APL-22052, APL-22053, APL-22054, APL-22055

$89.95 / SHORT $79.95

Made with a water repellent stretch fabric to keep water out and heat inside!

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