As a cyclist in the state of Colorado, gravel riding has become the life-line for desire to push the limits of the mind, body and, most of all, equipment. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of rocks and dust being catapulted in your wake as you rip the faint country roads. So, when I’m out there turning the pedals over an endless sea of off road, I look for tires that I can not only rely on for speed and grip, but also dependability.

When I first set eyes on a set of Teravail Cannonball tires, I was immediately impressed by the performance features. Lightweight, durable, and fast, Teravail’s Cannonball has a gravel specific diamond shape tread that’s proven to reduce rolling resistance and improve handling ability. The Cannonball comes tubeless ready with the option for extra durability with an increased puncture resistant sidewall, or a lightweight sidewall variant that further improves speed. Teravail also offers a wide array of sizing in 35mm, 38mm, and 42mm. Note, the Cannonball 700c tan, has only 35mm and 38mm options available.

Teravail recommends an air pressure range of 50-80 PSI. I opted to test the pressure from lowest to highest and started at 50 PSI. From the beginning of my first ride, I could see that these tires were no joke. Instant responsiveness from tarmac to gravel, the diamond tread ripped through the rocks and dirt with supreme confidence. In most cases, when you launch onto a gravel road at 20+ mph there’s a slight wash out in the back of the tire. With Cannonball, there was immediate grip to the change of surface, which gave me the confidence to push even harder. On corners, even at high speeds, there was never a point where I thought I would slide out. All I had to do was pick a line and Cannonball guided me through. From the loosest gravel to the steepest downhill, these tires maintained responsiveness and left me comfortable the whole ride without fear of crashing, while still exceeding performance standards. Over the next few days, I tested out the tire pressure all the way to the maximum of 80 PSI and found no break in performance, and no punctures. Teravail’s Cannonball maintains speed and grip over any gravel terrain, while still remaining flat resistant over a multi hour ride.

Overall, the Teravail Cannonball is a great buy for anyone ranging from an adventure seeker, to a full-on racer. The gravel specific tread holds up on the deepest and loosest gravel, and ensures grip on corners alike. With options for a lightweight or durable sidewall, and 35-42mm sizes, the Cannonball carries options for every type of expedition. You can be assured that no matter how far or fast you ride, the Teravail Cannonball will take your performance to the next level.


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